Tariff Calculator

Make the necessary field selections then click on the Calculate Charges button to view an estimate of the ATNS, SAWS, VSAT and NAFISAT charges you’ll receive for the selected flight.

The ATNS and SAWS tariff structures are dependant on weight and distance. The tariff coefficients for these tariff structures are updated regularly in published Government Gazettes.

The VSAT and NAFISAT charges are allocated according to an FIR crossings table containing the standard number of FIR crossings in the relevant African airspaces for a flight between the countries the selected airports are in.
   Movement Date    
   Departure    Arrival
   Flight Rule
   Aircraft Type    MTOW
Distance: 0
Aerodrome (Departure): 0.00 Aerodrome (Arrival): 0.00
TMAAccess (Departure): 0.00 TMA Access (Arrival):  0.00
 Area: 0.00  Total:   0.00
SAWS: 0.00
VSAT: 0.00


Please note the charges displayed by the tariff calculator may not be the same as those charged on the invoices you receive for the flight.


Please note:

Departure/Arrival Airports: The airport designators starting with “1” were created by ATNS for flights regularly flown to/from airports without official ICAO airport designators.

Flight Rule: An IFR flight is assumed to fly through an ACSA TMA airspace and a VFR flight is assumed not to fly through an ACSA TMA airspace, where relevant.

MTOW: An initial weight in kilograms is assigned to this field by the selected Aircraft Type. Edit the weight if it doesn’t correspond with the weight of your aircraft